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Est. 2017
Keegan Kreations Bakeshop
A Labour of Love 

Keegan Kreations is a high-quality patisserie and purveyor of fine baked goods, specializing in French pastries. We create fresh, delicious sweets and catered goods that delight the palate. Our products include pastries, cakes, brownies, cookies, and tarts. We specialize in croissants and sell around 15 varieties of pastries that feature our croissant dough. We believe that the description of a pastry should properly represent its taste – the flavor of almonds is boldly featured in our Almond Croissant and that of lemons in our Lemon Blueberry Danish. Come and taste them for yourself!

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WED - SUN: 8:30AM - 3PM


20 Court Street, Plymouth MA 02360

Tel: (774) 283-4327


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